7. October

Vintage Burlesque & Cocktails

Our next main event is in April 2018. (See below) Until then we’ve created a new style of event for the 7. October. We’ve listened to all your desires and created an intimate gathering of Copenhagen’s best performers, a fabulous DJ and a dress code of ‘come sexy!’. Our first event is on the 7. October and we hope you can join us!

English below

Vi præsenterer her en ny slags event fra Burlesque Bureau og Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque. I kommer stadig til at opleve vores store og fantastiske Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque event til april 2018 men vi har også hørt på jeres ønsker og skabt en aften med flere performances, en sexy Burlesque dresscode (kom i korsetter, butterflies, et jakkesæt – klæd ud så meget som du vil, klæd ud og hav sjov!) og få chancen for at danse natten væk til din yndlingsmusik.

Dørene kl. 21:45, showet kl. 22:10. Billetsalget åbner 8. september. Billetter: Early Bird: kr. 150, At the Door: kr. 175. Al info nedenfor.

Kom og smag burlesque-inspirerede cocktails mens du nyder fabelagtige shows med Københavns mest betagende og talentfulde performers.

Året er 1928 og planlægningen af det nye fest-distrikt i København er lige begyndt. Fine herrer, damer og alle derimellem bekymres af det konstante byggeri, efterhånden som deres ynglingsforlystelser bliver overtaget. De åbner et hemmeligt mødested og kommer i deres fineste veste og butterflies, glitrende kjoler, andebånd med fjer i og tophatte på sned. De længes efter en nat af udskejelser og eskapisme og medbringer dansere, akrobater og entertainere der kan sætte et show op. Det bliver en uforglemmelig aften!

Dørene åbner 20:45, så du kan nå at sætte dig til rette med en burlesque cocktail, som for eksempel:

  • The Tassel Twirl
  • The Bootylicious
  • The Darling Daiquiri
  • Menagé a Mai Tai!
  • Hanky Panky
  • The Dapper Dark & Stormy

og Aftenens Cocktail til 85 kr.: The Shake & shimmy – en lækker forfriskende drink med brus, der vil få dig til at “shimmy” hele natten lang.

Showet starter uden forsinkelse 22:15, så sørg for at være på plads med en cocktail i hånden, klar til at tabe kæben over aftenens magiske optrædender. Dresscode er simpel og elegant: kom i hvad du føler dig sexet i!

Aftenens program:

22:00 – Velkommen + flammende modtagelse fra from The UNFORGOTTEN!

22:20 – Miss Mia’s Hula Hoop – tricks du ikke troede var mulige, i den sødeste vintagestil du kan forestille dig!

22:30 – The One and Only – TINUS, Danmarks kronede burlesque konge. Tinus har det sorte bælte i teasing og skåner ingen for sine farlige former!


22:45 – Lady Effulgent blander et guddommeligt vidunder af en cocktail-eliksir.

22:55 – Pause – smag en af aftenens fantastiske burlesque-cocktails.

23:15 – Sweet Burlesque, den søde, frække og forførende burlesque-dansegruppe får dig til at smile, huje og gør dig klar til dansegulvet!


A new style of event from The Burlesque Bureau and Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque. We will still have our huge fabulous incredible Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque event in April, 2018, don’t worry but we’ve heard you and so we’ve created a night with more performances, a sexy burlesque dress code (come in corsets, bow ties, a suit, a cocktail dress – dress up, and have fun!) and a chance to dance the night away to your favorite music.

Doors at 21:45, Show at 22:10. Tickets: Early Bird: kr. 150, At the Door: kr. 175. Tickets go on sale September 8! All the info below.

From the creators of Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque comes an evening of burlesque, circus, cabaret and vintage old-world glamour. We invite you to join us, sipping burlesque inspired cocktails while you enjoy fabulous shows from Copenhagen’s most stunning and talented performers.

It’s 1928 and the planning of the newest party district in Copenhagen has just begun. Gentlemen, ladies, and everyone in between are distressed by the constant construction as their favourite haunts are being taken over. They open a secret location and wear their finest vests and bowties, beaded dresses, feathers in their headbands, and quirky top hats. They ache for a night of debauchery and escape and bring with them the dancers, acrobats, and entertainers to put on a show. It’s going to be an unforgettable night!

Doors open at 20:45 so you can get in, get settled and get one of our burlesque cocktails, such as:

  • The Tassel Twirl
  • The Bootylicious
  • The Darling Daiquiri
  • Menagé a Mai Tai!
  • Hanky Panky
  • The Dapper Dark & Stormy

And the feature Cocktail of the evening: 85kr for The Shake & Shimmy – a delicious sparkly and refreshing drink that will have you shimmying all night long.

The show starts promptly at 22:15 so be sure to be in your seat, cocktail in hand, ready to be wowed by the magical events of the evening. The dresscode is simple and elegant – wear what makes you feel sexy!

Here’s the program:

22:00 – Welcome + Greetings of fire from The Unforgotten!

22:20 – Miss Mia’s Hula Hoop – tricks you won’t believe are possible, in the sweetest vintage style you can imagine!

22:30 – The One and Only Tinus! Denmark’s crowned burlesque king with a black belt in tease!


22:45 – Lady Effulgent creates a cocktail concoction that’s deliciously divine.

22:55 – Indulgent intermission – taste one of the divine burlesque cocktails of the night.

23:15 – Sweet Burlesque, the sweet, saucy and seductive burlesque troupe that will have you smiling, cheering and ready to hit the dance floor!

Thank you for an incredible Night of the Kabukimono! 

Our next event is in April 2018. Until then you can find us on Facebook:


And keep an eye on The Burlesque Bureau as well for upcoming small Burlesque events in Copenhagen.


Here was our program from Night of the Kabukimono – and below, the story of the night…

Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque is proud to announce their collaboration with the Embassy of Japan for the 150 Year Anniversary of Japanese-Danish Relations for this event: Night of the Kabukimono.

What is Night of the Kabukimono?

Kabukimono (歌舞伎者) wander the streets, seeking an audience to join their new experiments in the underworld theatre, full of bizarre costumes and outlandish performances. Finding the streets empty on this spring night in Osaka, in the year 1743, the Kabukimono troupe (finally) finds an empty building, a title above the door – Damhuskroen-za. The Damhuskroen Theatre. Keeping their senses alert for Samurai who might be in the area, they sneak into the theatre to discover a perfect place to hold their performances, a strange yet welcoming venue, and they begin to decorate, and prepare their show. Soon, it is opening night and passer-bys have begun to take notice of the work being done at the Dam Hus Kro-za.

Commoners, samurai, farmers, artists, geishas, and all levels and genders of society allow their curiosity to overrule the social structure, and enter the theatre. They realize this is unlike the other Kabuki theatres popping up around Japan, rather, this is a participatory theatre where everyone joins and performs their own tale with their own characters. Everyone must participate in this kaleidoscope of excessive performances. Upon entering, they are told the secrets of the theatre, and they rejoice: it’s a chance to explore a new persona. Thus, they become their personas, and decorate their faces and bodies, expressing their new persona’s nature: passionate and righteous red, jealous and nefarious blues, supernaturally powered green, and noble purple. They put on their ornate, beautiful, thoughtful, outlandish, bizarre, grotesque. They rehearse their poses and their lines and prepare.

The scene is set, the audience becomes actors, and the play begins: A wild and unpredictable exploration of everyday interactions, of great samurai battles, of enchanting geisha tales, an exploration of self. This theatre pushes the boundaries of what Kabuki has been and could ever be – for everyone joins in, and everyone is an actor, for just one night.

In the morning, exhausted and exhilarated, the participants leave the theatre, and turn around to take one last look, to discover a pile of ashes where the theatre had been moments before. No smoke, no smell of fire… had they imagined it all? Rubbing their tired eyes, they look at their hands, and see the vibrant reds, blues, greens and purple from their makeup. No, this was a truer night than all others.

Photography: Mads Høbye
Art direction: Malene Habroe and Mads Høbye
Graphic design: Malene Habroe
Model: Luciano Foschi


Absolutely no entry with jeans, everyday clothes,
or plastic / inflatable costumes.Anime/Manga is not part of this dresscode – please refer to the theme below. 

Kabukimonos, Gorgeous Geishas, Scandalous Samurais, Mischievous Monks, Maiden Maikos, Nefarious Ninjas, Strong Sumos, Sakura and Sake, Thunderous Taiko, Zany Zen Masters, Onnagata – men playing women, Aragoto – super heroes of Kabuki,  Izumo no Okuni – the first woman of kabuki,  Kimonos, Yukata, Uchikake, Tsumami-kamzashi – elaborate hair pieces, Happi Coat, bizarre, outlandish, colourful, silk, avant-garde, eccentric, edo-era.

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